Driveway Extensions

To provide property owners the opportunity to extend a driveway, the City has developed guidelines for lengthening or widening driveways over a City right-of-way, sidewalk or boulevard.

Driveway extension guidelines

Driveway extensions provide property owners the ability to increase the size of an existing driveway further than a private property line. Property owners planning to extend a driveway will need to create a site plan and apply for a permit.

Property owners will need to follow guidelines when planning to extend their driveway.

  • Driveway extensions need to at least 0.3 metres from the property line and roadway.
  • Driveway extensions must have a minimum clearance of 1 metre from all permanent structures including fire hydrants, mailboxes, utility poles, traffic signs, streetlights, utility pedestals and transformer boxes.
  • Driveway extensions will need to be at least 1.2 metres away from all trees within a boulevard.
  • Driveway extensions exceeding 6.1 metres in width will require a second permit.
  • Driveway extensions must allow for the appropriate City right-of-way clearances and maintain access to adjacent garages and consider other road access needs.
  • Driveway extensions must ensure that safe sightlines for pedestrians and drivers are maintained.

Apply for a driveway extension permit

To apply for a driveway extension permit, property owners will need to:

  • Complete a site plan.
  • Pay an application fee and a permit fee and submit their application through the CityView Portal.

Applicants will receive a decision within 14 days of receipt and applications are processed on a first come first serve basis. Prior to extending a driveway, the City will complete a pre-construction inspection of local City infrastructure and a final inspection will be completed upon the construction of the driveway extension.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. An Infrastructure Use Permit is required for widening or lengthening a driveway over a right-of-way, sidewalk or boulevard. A second permit – a Development Permit – will be required if a driveway extension exceeds 6.1 metres in width within the private property.

Property owners are responsible for the cost to extend a driveway, and the current driveway extension fee can be found on the Infrastructure Use Permits web page.

Any driveway extension is subject to the following City of Spruce Grove bylaws:

Applicants will also need to follow the guidelines within the Municipal Development Standards.

If a driveway is extended without a permit, the property owner may be fined by Enforcement Services or asked to remove their extension. Information about fines for non compliance can be found in the Development Fees and Fines Bylaw.

Any property owner extending a driveway over a City right-of-way, sidewalk or boulevard is responsible for all costs associated with the maintenance, repair or the removal of a driveway extension.

The City is not liable or responsible for the cost of any maintenance, repairs or the removal of a driveway.

Applicants can contact the Engineering department by email at or by phone at 780-962-2611.