How can I help during an emergency?

When a disaster or emergency occurs, there is often a strong desire for people to want to help those who have been directly impacted by the situation. However, it’s important that offers of resources and support are handled in a coordinated manner using the appropriate channels. This ensures the resources are allocated when and where they are needed.

In some cases, unsolicited donations, while well-intentioned, can cause more problems than they solve. This is referred to as the “second disaster” and can be avoided by ensuring donations of items are made only after being requested by the organization managing the disaster or emergency. 

If the City of Spruce Grove receives formal requests for assistance, it will reach out to residents and local organizations. All requests and decisions regarding assistance must be coordinated through the Spruce Grove Emergency Management Agency.

How does the City of Spruce Grove help our neighbours?

Spruce Grove Fire Services participates in a mutual aid agreement with several neighbouring municipalities including City of Edmonton, City of St. Albert, Town of Stony Plain and Parkland County. Each municipality can call on its partners for assistance when dealing with an emergency.

The City can provide mutual support in the following ways:

  • Assistance and back-up coverage directly related to the emergency.
  • Maintaining contact with neighbouring emergency management associations and providing support to evacuees in ways that are required by their respective emergency management operations.
  • Maintaining contact with community organizations in Spruce Grove to provide assistance when requested.

In addition, the City of Spruce Grove is also part of the Capital Region Emergency Preparedness Partnership (CREPP), a regional mutual aid agreement between 22 municipalities that dictates how each community can ask for assistance and resources in the case of a disaster or emergency.