Emergency Management Agency

The Government of Alberta’s Emergency Management Act requires all Alberta municipalities to establish an Emergency Management Agency (EMA). If a major emergency or disaster happens in Spruce Grove, the City’s EMA will lead and oversee the planning and coordination of the emergency response using the Emergency Management Plan. Members of the Spruce Grove EMA include:

  • City Manager
  • Director of Emergency Management (Fire Chief)
  • Deputy Director of Emergency Management (Deputy Fire Chief)
  • General Managers of Community and Protective Services, Strategic and Communication Services, Corporate Services, and Sustainable Growth and Development Services
  • Director of Corporate Communications
  • RCMP Officer-in-Charge (Parkland RCMP detachment)

The EMA coordinates City services and public communications, directs emergency responders and works closely with other levels of government, neighbouring municipalities, non-government organizations and other partners to respond to and recover from a disaster. In addition, the EMA conducts regular training and practice exercises to ensure effective operation during a real emergency.