Request a Proclamation

The Mayor and City Council recognize the importance of highlighting charitable causes or events, arts and cultural celebrations, and public awareness campaigns that enhance community awareness and spirit and positively impact the City of Spruce and its residents.

Proclamations are based on a framework that ensures they are issued in a consistent and transparent manner.

Proclamation requests may be submitted to the City Clerk’s Office for review. Requests will be reviewed based on the criteria set out in the Proclamation Policy.

Submitting a proclamation request

Proclamation requests must:

  • be submitted in writing to the City Clerk’s Office email;
  • be received at least three weeks prior to the Council or Governance and Priorities Committee meeting date at which the proclamation is requested to be made; and
  • include the following:
    • name and mandate/purpose of the organization
    • contact information
    • wording of the Proclamation
    • date of the Proclamation


Please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 780-962-7615 or