The City regulates signs on private and public property to manage the type, size, location and other features of signs for specific zones. Signs play a role in supporting businesses and community organizations and impact the look and feel of our city.

For more information about the types of signage that are and are not allowed within your land use district, with or without a permit, please refer to the City of Spruce Grove’s signage regulations in the Land Use Bylaw for additional regulations regarding signage.

Provincial election signs

Provincial election signs have specific requirements and guidelines and require a completed Provincial Election Sign Acknowledgement Form (2023) to be submitted to the Planning and Development department.

Have more questions?

Make sure to read the FAQs below, and if you still have more questions, please contact the City’s Planning and Development Department at 780 962-7582.


Yes. A permit is required to place portable signs in all non-residential land use districts. Portable signs are not allowed in residential districts. Portable signs are also sometimes referred to as temporary portable signs.

Residents of Spruce Grove who are holding a garage sale DO NOT need a permit. Garage sale signs may be displayed for a maximum of seven days, and may only be placed on the residential lot / site where the sale is to be held. Signs posted in any other location (i.e. light posts, boulevards, other residents’ properties) will be removed and a ticket may be issued to the advertised address.

One portable sign is allowed for every 90 m of street frontage on a site. A portable sign can’t share space with other temporary signs. This includes A-frame signs, banners or billboards. Only one temporary and one permanent sign is allowed for every 90 m or fraction thereof.

Yes. Each frontage of your lot that is along a public street can have one portable sign, as long as there are no other temporary signs on that frontage and the signage is placed on private property.

Permits for portable signs can be issued for a period of 30 days to a maximum period of up to one year. For all other types of signs, please contact the City’s Planning and Development Department at 780 962-7582.

You will need to complete and submit a development permit application. In addition to completing the development permit, you also need to provide three copies of the site plan, a rendering of the sign and a current land title certificate. In some cases, additional information may be requested.

Permits must be applied for and approved before the sign has been installed. This process typically takes approximately three weeks from the time a complete application is submitted.

No. The only signs that are permitted on a road right-of-way are realtor open house and directional signs, developer marketing signs and A-frame signs. The approval process for signage on a road right-of-way is regulated under the City’s Traffic Bylaw. Approvals for signage in these locations are extremely limited. Please contact the City’s Planning and Development Department at 780 962-7582 for further information.

A road right-of-way is any publicly owned thoroughfare, street, road, trail, avenue, parkway, alley/lane, square, bridge, or other area the public is ordinarily entitled or permitted to use for the passage or parking of vehicles. This includes:

A sidewalk (including a boulevard portion thereof);

A ditch, where the ditch lies adjacent to or parallel with the roadway; and

All land between the property line and the edge of the roadway, where road right-of-way is contained between property lines or between a property line and one side of the roadway.

Developer marketing signs, A-frame signs in the C-1 District or for community events, and realtor open house signs may be placed in road right-of-way under certain sign placement conditions.

All signs placed in the road right-of-way must display a valid tag, which is available from the Planning and Development Department upon the approval of a Licence of Occupation.

Please contact the City's Planning and Development Department at 780 962-7582 for further information.

If a sign does not have valid tags for placement in the road right-of-way or is not placed in an approved location, the fine is $250 and the sign may be removed without warning. For large signs there may be additional costs related to the removal of the sign.

The fine for non-complying signs is $50 per sign on the first day of infraction, and $250 per sign per day for every day thereafter.