RV Parking

Recreational vehicles may be parked in driveways or front/side yards from May to October. From November 1 to April 30, they must be removed and cannot be stored in driveways or front/side yards. During this time, RVs must be parked on or within a backyard parking pad or at an off-site storage location.

Recreational vehicles are defined as “a wheeled or wheel-less structure designed to provide temporary living quarters or used as a form of recreation or transportation, which may or may not be a motor vehicle itself". Typical examples include travel trailers, motor homes, boats, snowmobiles and all terrain-vehicles.

Throughout the year, a trailer can be parked on the street for up to 72 hours, as long as it is attached to a tow vehicle and does not violate any other bylaws or the Alberta Traffic Safety Act.

The rules for RV parking can be found in the City of Spruce Grove Land Use Bylaw, the Nuisances, Unsightly and Untidy Property Bylaw, and the Spruce Grove Traffic Bylaw.