Connect the Block

Did you know that you can promote a sense of belonging on your block and your neighbourhood?

Increasing belonging has many benefits:

  • Neighbourhood pride
  • Safety
  • Social network and supports
  • Feel connected

Find out what your neighbour’s gifts are

It’s as simple as getting to know your neighbours better! Everyone living on your block has gifts and abilities. By sharing skills, abilities, and interests you celebrate strengths and discover new opportunities and ways to connect and support one another – neighbour to neighbour. 

How can you find out what your neighbour’s gifts are?

It can start with a conversation using these 3 questions!

  1. What skills or abilities do you have?
  2. What activities or interests do you have?
  3. What would you like to do to make our neighbourhood a better place to live? 

Who knows where these conversations can go!

  • You find out a neighbour enjoys walking every day, and so do a few others on the block, so a weekly walking group is formed.
  • You discover that someone on your block is trained in first aid and CPR and are able to call on them when a child gets hurt while biking by your house. 
  • You learn that a neighbour has gardening skills. Another neighbour is good at carpentry and woodworking. This connection leads to planter boxes and fresh produce from a community garden in the neighbourhood. 

Beautify your block

Ways to beautify your block:

  • Paint inspirational rocks and place them on a path in your neighbourhood
  • Hang window art for others to see as they are out exploring the neighbourhood
  • Draw pictures or write positive statements with sidewalk chalk
  • Organize a perennial plant or seed exchange with others on your block


If you have any other questions, please contact Community Social Development by phone at 780-962-7583, or by email.