Block Party Program

Block parties are a great way to get to know your neighbours and build community spirit. Spruce Grove residents are encouraged to host a block party during the summer months and register their party with the City.

Register your block party

The 2018 Block Party season is now complete.

Reasons to host a block party

  • Have fun, with no excuse needed to celebrate.
  • Meet your neighbours. Knowing who lives in your neighbourhood will help improve community safety.
  • Establish a sense of belonging to the community.
  • Neighbours who know each other, look out for each other.
  • Meet who lives on your block and learn if you are able to exchange skills or resources (for example, babysitting, book club, walking to school duties and personal networking).
  • Encourage neighbours to look after the neighbourhood and strengthen community spirit.
  • Learn about each other and determine who might need a little extra help from time to time.
  • Have the chance to meet some longtime residents and learn about your community’s history.
  • Create a good reason to have a neighbourhood clean-up day and barbecue once all the work is done.
  • Start a tradition of getting together at least once a year.