Block Party Program

The City’s block party program runs each year and encourages Spruce Grove residents to get to know their neighbours while becoming more connected to the community.

During the block party season, residents are encouraged to submit a block party application for a chance to receive a block party food voucher and discount from Save-On Foods on their block party grocery order.

Top reasons to host a block party

  • To get to know who lives on your street. Neighbours who know each other, are more likely to look out for one another.
  • To establish a sense of belonging to your neighbourhood and community.
  • To create a connected neighbourhood where neighbours help each other.

For more ideas on how to get to know your neighbours, and others ways to connect at the block level, check out the Connect the Block page.

Register your block party

2021 season

Block party applications are accepted between June 1 – August 31, 2021. The block party program ends on September 14, 2021. This year’s block party sizes are limited to the outdoor gathering numbers and public health measures set by the provincial government.

Each registered block party will receive:

  • $100 food voucher to be used at Save-On Foods (while supplies last)
  • An additional 15% discount on the remainder of your order from Save-On-Foods
  • Antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer, donated by Save-On Foods

Food voucher pick up

Food vouchers are available the Thursday before the block party for hosts to pick up at Spruce Grove FCSS (105-505 Queen Street) between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Please note the FCSS office is closed daily between 12-12:30 p.m.


A limited number of barricades are available on a first come, first serve basis. 


COVID-19 safety

Remember to follow all provincial health measures and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Wear a face covering, practice physical distancing, and maintain good hygiene – wash your hands often, use hand sanitizer, cover coughs and sneezes, and avoid touching your face.

Food safety

CLEAN: Wash hands and surfaces often. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer gels are a good back-up.

SEPARATE: Do not cross-contaminate. Raw meat products and their juices must be kept away from ready-to-eat foods as well as food eaten like raw salads.

COOK: Cook food to their proper internal temperatures. Cook meat and poultry thoroughly.

CHILL: Refrigerate properly. Foods cannot be left out for more than two hours and should be discarded at the end of the event. 

Things to consider

  • Keep your houses and doors locked while at the event
  • Block party time limits are between 10a.m. and 11p.m.
  • Block party hosts should remain at the party until it has ended


Block Party Task Checklist
Fillable Invitation Template
Connect the Block
Spruce Grove Neighbour Network
Sort with Success


No. You are responsible for advertising your party; however the City provides invitations that you can print and handout. 

A limited number of barricades are available on a first come, first serve basis

Make sure that everyone has clear access to their property during the event.  Also, be courteous with the noise level and remember that loud amplification of music is prohibited.

We recommend that you host your block party in a public green space as it increases shared responsibility of the event.  If your block party is going to be held on public land, you must register your event with the City. Remember to follow all provincial health measures and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Everyone who registers a party with the City will be eligible to receive a $100 block party food voucher, courtesy of the City of Spruce Grove. Block parties must be held between June 1 and August 31.  Save-On Foods will also offer 15% off the remaining grocery order for your block party. Community Peace Officers and/or Fire Services team members may also drop by your event to introduce themselves in the community. 

Remember to follow all provincial health measures and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Special consideration by the City of Spruce Grove must be given to block party events that include the use of bouncers, jolly jumps, slides, petting zoos, pony rides, etc. on public property.  Please contact the City Clerk’s office at 780-962-7634 ext. 151 for more information.  Please adhere to the City of Spruce Grove bylaws regarding fire code, fireworks, noise and alcohol. 


 Register your block party 

Block Party Host Contact Information
Block Party details

Block Parties must be held between June 1 and September 14, 2021

Terms and conditions

1. Applicants must agree to follow all provincial health guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

2. Block used must be occupied predominantly by owner/resident.

3. Emergency access must be permitted and available at all times during the event (ie. Fire, ambulance or police).

4. The applicant is responsible for cleaning up the area to the condition it was prior to the function.

5. No unauthorized fires or fireworks are permitted.

6. Alcohol is not permitted on city roads or public property.

7. Applicant must adhere to the Noise Control Bylaw and ensure that noise levels do not disturb residents not participating in the event.

8. The applicant agrees to hold harmless the City of Spruce Grove, its agents, officials, directors, employees, volunteers, contractors, servants or representatives from all injury and damage to any person(s) and property which is caused by any activity, conditions or events arising out of the Block Party (as stated on this application).


Email or call Community Social Development at 780-962-7583.