Understanding Urban Coyotes

May 15, 2024

Spruce Grove is home to vast natural spaces and parks that are shared with a variety of wildlife, including coyotes. Coyotes are often found in urban centres and the City is currently working with a contractor to assess coyote activity in the region.

Typically, coyotes are shy, curious animals that stay away from people and co-exist in the City without any concern. Coyotes typically eat small rodents and may curiously gaze at people or pets from a distance, but this does not mean the coyote is acting problematic. In fact, coyotes are generally more scared of humans than humans are of them!

What should you do if you see a coyote? First, determine if the coyote is problematic or just curious.

If the coyote is not problematic, make it feel unwelcome by clapping your hands loudly, shouting, or by blowing a whistle. The coyote will most likely leave the area and there is no need to report the coyote sighting. If a coyote is problematic, injured or sick, do not approach it and report the sighting to Enforcement Services who can then assess the coyote.

To help reduce problematic coyote interactions, residents should clean up pet waste, fallen fruit from trees in their yard and remove any garbage from their property.

Remember, urban coyotes share the region with us so when out enjoying nature, make sure to always leash pets, stay on trails and never feed wildlife.