Construction Projects

Each year the City of Spruce Grove undertakes a range of construction projects to support and enhance community growth, development and safety for both residents and visitors. This can include the regular maintenance or replacement of existing infrastructure, as well as the addition of new features or amenities.

Information about this year’s construction projects can be found below, including impacts related to roadways, utilities, buildings, parks and facilities. We understand that construction can impact the community and we thank you for your patience while we complete this work.

Current projects

The Harvest Ridge stormwater facility requires upgrades to repair the elevation of sediment settlement, algae build up, and drainage limitations. The repairs will be phased to accommodate the necessary weather restrictions required for completing upgrades.

During construction residents may experience detours along the trail near the stormwater facility, notice construction equipment in the area, and experience additional noise.

Once upgrades are complete, the facility will be deeper to improve capacity and should produce less odours.

Project timeline:
Facility upgrades will begin in May 7, 2024 and are scheduled to be completed by the end of August (weather permitting).

Project status:

Project Updates:
May 2, 2024 - Work scheduled to start on the Harvest Ridge stormwater facility rehabilitation project

Improvements to the drainage easement will be completed along Diamond Avenue in the industrial area of Spruce Grove. The project will have minimal disruption to local businesses. 

Project timeline:

Project status:

Resurfacing work on Highway 16A will continue in 2024 on the westbound lanes from the east end of the City to Century Road. The work will be predominately completed at night to reduce impacts to residents and businesses.

Project timeline:
Anticipated: July 15 to 22

Project status:

Project description:
Following two years of significant construction in the City Centre area, the focus this year will be completing all improvement work and adding greenery to the streetscape on McLeod Avenue and Main Street. Work will also include some surface upgrades on Calahoo Road from Mohr Avenue to Highway 16A, as well as a small portion on First Ave South. Some underground work will be completed on Mohr Avenue adding capacity to the water and sanitary lines in preparation for Meridian Housing’s seniors living facility.

Project timeline:

Improvements and landscaping on Main Street and McLeod Avenue to be completed in late spring/summer 2024.

Calahoo Road and Mohr Avenue TBD

Project status:

Industrial watermain replacement is scheduled along Madison Crescent. Disruptions in the local area should be anticipated. Effected businesses will be contacted prior to construction.

Project timeline:
June 19 to October

Project status:

The City of Spruce Grove receives its potable (drinkable) water from the Capital Region Parkland Water Services Commission through a watermain that comes from Edmonton and extends to Stony Plain. In 2024 the Commission is upgrading the watermain to ensure the ability to provide adequate water supply to the growing population in the Parkland area.

In tandem with the Commission project, the City will be undertaking work to construct a new water fill building with connections to two existing reservoirs and connecting to the newly upgraded Commission watermain.

The water fill building will be constructed on a section of the parking lot at Henry Singer Park and will impact groups that use the baseball diamonds and pickleball courts located at the park. A portion of the parking lot will be blocked off for construction laydown and work, and there will be construction activity present that will create noise and potentially produce dust. Users are encouraged to carpool when possible.

Once complete, this work will ensure the ability to provide adequate water supply to the growing population in the area.

Project timeline:
Construction is expected to start summer of 2024 and will be ongoing through the fall.

Project status:
Project tendered at the end of March.

The City of Spruce Grove is undertaking a multi-year project to revitalize and enhance Central Park. This project will add new amenities, such as skate park, pump track, a bike track, a playground, picnic tables and benches, while also retaining key features like the skating oval, splash pad, treed area and log cabin.

During construction, Central Park will remain open, but some areas may be temporarily inaccessible. There will also be construction vehicles in the area and noise and dust will be increased. Traffic may be affected along King Street and Agrena Road.

Project timeline:
Spring 2024 to summer 2025.

Project status:

Infrastructure improvements west of the McLeod Avenue and Jennifer Heil Way intersection are needed to accommodate future planning in the area south of Legacy Park. To complete these improvements, a temporary road will be built to accommodate a short-term road closure, which is anticipated to start July 22.

The planned construction work will then improve existing neighbourhood access in Legacy Park and connect municipal services to the proposed residential land south. Upgrades include improvements to the storm sewer system, underground infrastructure, and local road. 

These neighbourhood access improvements will be completed along the section of road west of Jennifer Heil Way on McLeod Avenue in three phases.

  • Stage one includes the building of a temporary road south of McLeod Avenue. Work started on June 18 and is anticipated to be completed by July 21.
  • Stage two includes the closure of the McLeod Avenue roadway to upgrade underground infrastructure and complete road upgrades. Traffic is anticipated to be redirected to the temporary road starting July 22 until late August. Vehicles will need to exit south on Jennifer Heil Way and enter the neighbourhood by travelling south past the permanent McLeod Avenue entrance. No left turns will be available during this stage.
  • Stage three includes the reopening of McLeod Avenue in late August and the completion of the remaining infrastructure upgrades.

Please watch for signs in the area and follow directions.

Project timeline:

Phase 1 construction: June 18 – July 21
Phase 2 construction: July 22 – late August
Phase 3 construction: late August – October

Project status: Started

Legacy Park project

Partnered projects

Work will continue on the connecting trail between Spruce Grove and Stony Plain to make commuting between the two communities more accessible and safer for those using alternate modes of transportation.

This trail is located on the south side of Highway 16A, between Veterans Boulevard and Campsite Road. The Town of Stony Plain will be completing the portion on the south side of Highway 16A. 

Project timeline:
2023 – 2024.

Project status:
Ongoing construction.

Related projects

Project description:

Atco Gas is expanding their existing infrastructure located on Century Road just south of Brookwood Drive. Construction work will affect both drivers and pedestrians, and traffic will be reduced to one lane going southbound on Century Road. The local pathway will be closed and pedestrians are asked to use the paved alley.

Speed will be limited to 40 kilometers per hour throughout the construction area.

Project timeline:
March 18 – end of May/mid-June.

Project status:

The Capital Region Parkland Water Services Commission is upgrading a watermain that runs from Edmonton and extends through Spruce Grove to Stony Plain. Construction work in Spruce Grove will be on South Avenue, Alberta Avenue, and Madison Crescent.

Local traffic will be impacted. Please follow all signage.

Project timeline:
Spring/summer 2024 and 2025.

Project status:
Not started.

Transportation and Economic Corridors is currently undertaking a functional study of the 22.5 kilometres stretch of Highway 16A between the Anthony Henday and Highway 779. The study is evaluating expanding the highway from two lanes to four lanes in both directions.

A drop-in open house will be held on June 12, 2024 between 5-7 p.m. at the Parkland Village Community Centre, #60 53222 RR 272, Spruce Grove, AB.


For any inquires related to any of the construction projects listed above, please contact

Regular maintenance

In addition to larger construction projects, City crews also conduct regular maintenance and repairs on streets and sidewalks throughout the community, including:

  • Crack sealing
  • Street sweeping
  • Line painting
  • Pothole repairs
  • Asphalt repairs
  • Concrete repairs and maintenance
  • Traffic light repairs and maintenance
  • Drainage maintenance

Reminder: please slow down!

When driving through construction zones, drivers are reminded to slow down, obey all posted speed limits, and watch for portable traffic signs or flag people who may be in place to manage traffic flow. And please give crews room to work so everyone can get home safely at the end of the day.