Spruce Grove and Stony Plain begin discussions on trail connection

November 10, 2020

A pedestrian trail connection between the Town of Stony Plain and the City of Spruce Grove has been contemplated for some time. To date, the recommendation and direction has been that this connection would be developer-driven/funded as development builds out naturally.  It does not appear that there are any short-term plans for this to take place.

At the request of both Councils, municipal administration have been asked to prepare a collaborative report that will include, but not necessarily be limited to, route considerations, cost estimates, development considerations, and possible cost sharing.

“This joint initiative represents our strong relationship with our neighbours in Stony Plain,” says Spruce Grove Mayor Stuart Houston. “I’m pleased to be taking this step forward together to look at further connecting our communities.”

“Many of our residents travel between Stony Plain and Spruce Grove on a regular basis and improving accessibility between our communities has been a priority for quite some time,” says Stony Plain Mayor William Choy. “Having a connected trail would make the commute not only a lot easier, but also safer for those relying on alternative means of transportation.”

Further details are expected to be shared when the report is completed in early- or mid-2021.