Spruce Grove and Stony Plain announce final phase of Joint Trail Connection project

June 4, 2024

The City of Spruce Grove and the Town of Stony Plain are pleased to announce the beginning of construction on the final phase of the Joint Trail Connection project, a collaborative effort aimed at enhancing connectivity and quality of life for residents of both municipalities.

The Joint Trail Connection project, developed jointly by Spruce Grove and Stony Plain, aims to create essential pathways for commuting residents and outdoor enthusiasts, fostering community connectivity and promoting active lifestyles. Whether walking, running, biking, or rolling, the trails will offer seamless connectivity and adventure between Spruce Grove and Stony Plain.

The project has two significant trail sections:

  • North of 16A: A trail connecting Veterans Boulevard to Boundary Road, running north/south along Boundary Road.
  • South of 16A: This section runs east-west, connecting Veterans Boulevard to Campsite Road.

The project unfolds through three phases, with Phase II currently underway and expected to be completed by the fall of 2024. Phase III will involve paving and completing the final segment of the southern trail, also anticipated to be finished by fall 2024.

“Improving trail accessibility between Spruce Grove and Stony Plain not only makes commuting easier, but it also provides residents of both communities the opportunity to connect through recreation. Fostering connections between our communities is truly beneficial to building strong partnerships and we are excited the next phase of this project has started,” says Spruce Grove Mayor Jeff Acker. “With the trail anticipated to be open later this year, we look forward to enjoying this great amenity connecting our communities in the fall.”

“After years of planning and collaboration, we are thrilled to see the fruition of our joint efforts with the City of Spruce Grove. The realization of connecting our communities with trails is a significant milestone,” says Stony Plain Mayor William Choy. “This project has been a long time coming, and I am looking forward to seeing the trails utilized for active transportation while strengthening community ties.”

Learn more about the Joint Trail Connection project.