Facts and Myths about Homelessness

There is plenty of stigma and prejudice that goes along with being homeless. Many people are uncomfortable with visible hardship. This can lead to heightened perceptions of aggression, or complaints about the presence and conduct of people experiencing homelessness. It’s a complex issue that requires compassion and patience from the community at large.

MYTH: Significant numbers of unsheltered people are coming to Spruce Grove from out of town.
FACT:  The majority are Spruce Grove residents and over half have begun the process of applying for housing, financial aid, government identification, or other support services.

MYTH: The Community Hub is a homeless shelter.
FACT: Overnight accommodations are not available. The facility is open for a set number of hours each day.

MYTH: The Community Hub is a supervised drug consumption site or needle exchange site.
FACT: It is not designed to serve this purpose.

MYTH: The City is turning a blind eye to negative behaviours in our community and our facilities.
FACT: RCMP and Enforcement Services are increasing patrols of the area surrounding the Community Hub including King Street, 5th Avenue and Agrena Road and the City has increased the number of staff on duty at the Agrena. Staff will be clearly visible and will conduct regular checks of the front lobby area, seating areas, and bathrooms. Anyone found to be causing a disturbance or participating in illegal activity will be asked to leave. In some cases police or Enforcement Services will be called.