Vendors and Exhibitors

The Canada Day Celebration at Jubilee Park is a fantastic opportunity for people looking to sell or promote their products or organization. Refer to the information below before filling out the application form.

I want to Food Vendors   Commercial Market Vendors   Youth/Home-based Market Vendor Commercial Exhibitors   Non-Profit Exhibitors
  Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed
Sell professionally prepared food or beverages        
Sell non-food products         
Sell home-based business products and crafts          
Promote/Sell my art products        
Promote my for-profit business (no sales)        
Promote my not-for-profit organization

Fees and deposit

A breakdown of the costs are listed in the chart below.

  Fees Deposit
Food Vendors  

15% of gross sales
or $2.50 per square foot (whichever is greater)

Commercial Market Vendor $150.00 $100.00
Youth/home-based Market Vendor $50.00 No deposit.
Commercial Exhibitors $250.00  No deposit.
Non-profit Exhibitor  $50.00 No deposit.

Application deadlines

Applications for vendors and exhibitors must be submitted before the following deadlines:

Food Vendors Application window closed April 19, 2024
Market Vendors Application window closed May 10, 2024

Need help?

Contact our vendor team.