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The application process may be the most important step in successful recruitment and placement of a volunteer. When considering the questions on the application, remember this is the first step towards providing a clear and concise overview of your organization in regards to branding, professionalism and your organization’s respect for the volunteer.

Through the question process the applicant will begin to gain a clear picture of the organization.

Volunteer application forms vary from organization to organization but typically have, at least, the following elements:

  • Contact information, including an email address;
  • Emergency contact; relationship of the contact, address and phone #;
  • Previous work or volunteer experience;
  • Highest education level reached;
  • Language/s spoken;
  • Physical limitations;
  • Description of training or experience that may be pertinent to the volunteer position desired;
  • Certifications such as First Aid and CPR with dates of certification and expiration dates;
  • References: One or more personal references with contact information; and one or more professional or work-related references with supervisor's name and contact information;
  • Skills checklist (list skills needed in organization's volunteer positions such as computer, tutoring, clerical skills, phone calling, teaching, supervision, etc.);
  • Preferred volunteer areas (list typical volunteer jobs that applicant can check if interested);
  • Reason for volunteering;
  • Hours and days available for volunteer work; and
  • Signature of applicant and date of signature.

This is also an opportunity for disclaimers from your organization such as a fair and equal opportunity statement or a list of requirements for volunteers such as Police Information Check, reference check, interview, trial period, and required training.

Some non-profits make their volunteer applications available online. They can then be submitted online or printed out for the volunteer's use.