Stormwater Management and Safety

Stormwater is rain and melted snow that flows over the ground. In undeveloped natural areas, stormwater is absorbed by plants and soil, or finds its way back to ponds and streams. However, in urban centres, hard surfaces like sidewalks, paved areas and rooftops prevent stormwater from soaking into the ground naturally.

Stormwater network management

The City manages stormwater in Spruce Grove by planning and controlling runoff from rain and melted snow through the stormwater network. The network includes roadways, ditches, storm sewers, storm sewer manholes, catch basins, stormwater management ponds and other facilities.

A stormwater network protects water quality and reduces the risk of flooding that could damage your property and the environment.

Locally, the amount of stormwater is increasing due to population growth, higher density neighbourhoods and weather fluctuations. Investing in the stormwater network is essential to reduce the risk of flooding that can damage your property and the environment. Learn more about the stormwater utility.


For your safety, do not use the stormwater ponds.

These ponds are an important part of the stormwater management system. They collect and store excess rainfall to help prevent flooding.

Due to the constant flow of water and unpredictable water levels, these ponds are not safe for recreational use. This includes skating or walking on the ice in the winter, and swimming, wading and boating in the summer.

In the winter, ice forms in unstable conditions and is often very thin. Skating or walking on the ice is strictly prohibited at all times.

Instead, residents can enjoy, and safely use, one of Spruce Grove's outdoor ice surfaces. Check if the ice surfaces are open or closed at

As well, accessing or allowing your pets to access a stormwater management facility is a violation of the Open Space Bylaw and can result in a fine. For more information on what activities are prohibited in and on a stormwater management facility see the Open Space Bylaw (section 11.4 and 11.5).