Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

We recognize that with COVID-19 life is particularly hard for a lot of us. The City of Spruce Grove is doing its best to support our community while following the directions given by Alberta Health Services. It is important to know where you can turn if you or someone you know needs help during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have created this page to provide information about support and services available to Spruce Grove residents.

In an emergency, such as immediate danger, call 911. Police and emergency responders will continue to respond throughout the pandemic, even to those in quarantine. 

Seek support from the City

The City of Spruce Grove offers Support Programs & Services through our local Family and Community Support Services (FCSS).

Help in tough times

The Alberta Government has great resources available to help Albertans in these tough times. You can also call 211 for information and referral to services or visit their website.

Domestic violence

Rates of family violence increase during and following natural disasters, public health crises and economic downturns. If you or someone you know is experiencing any form of violence or abuse - there is help available. 

  • Family Violence Info Line:
      • anonymous support from trained staff:
        • Call 310-1818 | 24/7 | 170+ languages
        • Chat online | 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. daily | English
  • The Today Centre is continuing to provide support over the phone to anyone experiencing family violence, supporting a loved one who may be isolated, or to service providers helping people in their communities. The City of Spruce has provided grant funding in 2020 specifically for Spruce Grove residents to access the support of the Today Centre.
  • Child abuse, neglect and exploitation have many different warning signs. Learn to recognize them. If you suspect child abuse, it is your duty to report it. Children’s Services will respond to cases throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Call 1-800-387-KIDS (5437) to report. This service is available in multiple languages 24/7.
  • If you suspect someone is experiencing family violence or abuse you can call Alberta provincial abuse helpline: 1-855-4HELPAB (1-855-443-5722) for assistance. Available in more than 100 languages from 7:30 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday.

Mental health and wellbeing

Mental health is important for everyone. It affects how we feel, think, act and interact with the world around us. Caring for yourself and others in uncertain times can be challenging. It is normal to feel anxious and worried and not know what to do. You are having a normal reaction to an abnormal situation. Whatever you are feeling is OK, but know there is help. 

Food security

Food security is the ability for individuals and households to access food. Household income is the number one indicator of household food insecurity. The closure of businesses and layoffs occurring in Alberta increases the number of individuals with inadequate or insecure access to food.

  • Financial support is available for those experiencing economic challenges as a result of COVID-19 through the Government of Canada.
  • Parkland Food Bank   provides a monthly hamper to eligible clients in the Tri-Region by appointment. If this is your first time accessing the food bank, please call 780-962-4565 so you can register and book your appointment.
  • Auggie’s Cafe is offering a Lunch Delivery Program. This program runs on Tuesdays, for more information visit the Auggie’s Café website

Social isolation

Social isolation is caused by physical or life changes (including changes as a result of COVID-19) that limit activities and reduce social contacts. It’s important to stay home and practice physical distancing during the COVID-19   pandemic while staying socially connected is incredibly helpful for everyone’s health.

Some ways to stay socially connected while practicing physical distancing include: 

  • Making time for phone conversations with family and friends
  • Use online chat tools to check-in with your network
  • Check in via text or send messages of support through social media platforms
  • Write a letter or send a note

Other helpful links/resources

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Disclaimer: some information provided is offered by external sources and is intended as information only. The City of Spruce Grove is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability or currency of the information supplied by external sources and encourages individuals to consult directly with the information source.