Stormwater Pond Safety

Stormwater ponds are beautified utility facilities that help create park-like settings in and among the neighbourhoods of Spruce Grove. As part of our stormwater management system, these ponds collect and store excess rainfall to prevent flooding. The ponds control the amount and speed by which the collected water is released.

Due to the constant flow of water and unpredictable water levels, they are not safe for recreational use. This includes swimming, wading and boating in the storm ponds during the summer months.

In the winter, ice forms in unstable conditions and is often very thin. Therefore, skating or walking on the ice is strictly prohibited at all times. Instead, residents can enjoy, and safely use, one of Spruce Grove's outdoor ice surfaces. During the winter season, the status of these outdoor ice surfaces (whether they are open or closed) is posted online.

Remember, stormwater ponds are not intended or maintained for recreational use. For your safety, please do not use the ponds.