Capsule for Life Program

The Capsule for Life Program helps emergency responders quickly access health information about members of a household during an emergency. It is used as an effective safety precaution when patients cannot provide their own medical information, which is ideal for senior citizens or anyone who lives alone.

Spruce Grove residents can participate in the program by putting their basic medical information into a Capsule for Life vial and storing it in their refrigerator or freezer at home. In the event of an emergency, responders can obtain important patient information from the vial and save valuable time beginning treatment.


  1. Pick up a Capsule for Life Kit at the Fire Hall, or one of the local retail partners listed below.
  2. Fill out one Capsule for Life information form for each member of the household. You may print more information forms   if needed.
  3. Store the completed form(s) inside one Capsule for Life vial in the door shelf of your refrigerator or freezer. (Please note that no medication is to be kept inside the capsule.)
  4. Put a sticker on your front door and the refrigerator or freezer door. This will be where emergency personnel will look for it.
  5. Keep all information updated regularly or as changes occur. A good time to do this is twice a year when the time changes.

Retail Partners

Capsule for Life is offered by Spruce Grove Fire Services, with the support of the following local retailers:

For more information on the program, call 780-962-4496 or e-mail Fire Services