Transit FAQs

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Although every effort is made to ensure that buses are on schedule, several things may cause a bus to be late. Delays can be caused by weather such as severe snow, rain or fog causing reduced highway speeds, or construction, operational breakdowns, or other unexpected circumstances. We encourage riders to track buses using one of the transit apps listed on our Transit page.

Spruce Grove transit fare products can be purchased at several locations.

Bus tickets are available in booklets of 10. Each ticket is valid for one trip in or out of Edmonton.

The City of Spruce Grove’s commuter transit service is operated through an annual contract agreement with the City of Edmonton and Edmonton Transit Service (ETS). While the City of Spruce Grove determines the route and placement of stops, ETS is contracted to provide service between Spruce Grove and Edmonton. Fare revenue goes to the City of Spruce Grove, and is used to help fund the service. Fare revenue covers about 35% of the cost of commuter transit, and the remainder is paid with property taxes received by the City of Spruce Grove.

Those who use Commuter Transit are people who commute to and from Edmonton during a peak hours for work or school. Currently, there are approximately 90,000 riders per year, or between 300 and 350 riders per weekday.

Route 560 alone has eliminated approximately 275,000 personal vehicle trips between Spruce Grove and Edmonton since it started in 2006. There has been a reduction of close to 1,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions (a greenhouse gas emitted by vehicles). Other benefits include reduced congestion, and reduced wear and tear on roads.

Funding for transit service is limited and the high cost of transit makes expansion a challenge. Commuter service was expanded into the midday in September 2018 with trips added at two-hour intervals on Route 560.The City is continually looking at ways to improve the service. Future expansions would be phased in slowly, and are subject to Council approval.

On an on-going basis, the City and Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) closely monitor route ridership and service levels. Changes to the service are made and additional buses added as resources allow.

In addition, the City is currently engaged with other municipalities in the Capital Region to implement the Intermunicipal Transit Network Plan to better meets the needs of regional transit users. Learn more at Capital Region Growth Plan.