City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan

The ‘city centre’ area has long been an essential part of Spruce Grove’s community identity; however, over the past twenty plus years as the City has been experiencing substantial new growth the city centre has felt the exodus of businesses and vitality.

Spruce Grove’s Municipal Development Plan, in Section 5.3 City Centre, identifies the city centre’s revitalization as an important initiative within Spruce Grove, with the objective of creating the City Centre as a mixed use hub of activity with a distinct identity.  The MDP specifically identified the need for an Area Redevelopment Plan to guide these efforts, and that it would focus on:

  • Small-scale service oriented businesses targets primarily at the local population with a limited regional customer base
  • Pedestrian orientation
  • The use of streets as public spaces
  • Civic and open space uses
  • Mixed-use development, and
  • Higher density residential development.

The City of Spruce Grove has engaged a land use consultant to review the city centre area, and to work with the community to figure out what the site’s future will be.

City Centre ARP Concept Overview

The City Centre ARP provides a framework to guide future redevelopment considering land use, mobility, urban design, building guidelines, and implementation.  

The ARP concept defines new land use precincts that respect the existing commercial, institutional/recreational, and residential land use character are used to provide guidance toward a desired mixed-use future. 

The major redevelopment initiatives proposed are summarized on the following map:

Background Reports

There are a number of background reports commissioned which look at specific issues as part of an overall plan. These background reports were prepared by Cushing Terrell Architecture Inc. and include the following:

Public Participation and Approval Process


Since project commencement in 2017, a series of public engagement activities have been undertaken that have include stakeholder consultations and community involvement activities.  Engagement and consultation has included:

  • In-person open house questionnaires
  • On-line surveys
  • Talk bubbles
  • 200-person consumer intercept survey
  • Open house “dotmocracy” and “stick-it-to-me” imagery panels
  • Visioning sessions
  • One-on-one cafe chat sessions
  • Council Issues & Opportunities Workshop
  • Design charrette with styrofoam massing and aerial photo “ideation”
  • Christmas “Wish List”
  • Outdoor Winter Fest design charrette
  • High school surveys

Fall 2018

October 15, 2018 - Committee of the Whole Presentation

The consultants, Cushing Terrell Architecture Inc., presented the City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan - Draft Concept to Council.

Spring 2019

Wednesday, April 3 - City Centre Open House

Tuesday, April 23 - City Council meeting first reading

Monday, May 27

Summer 2019

Wednesday, June 26

Thursday, June 27

Monday, September 16 - Committee of the Whole presentation

Fall 2019

Thursday, November 28 - City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan Open House

Winter 2020

Monday, February 10

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City Centre study area
City Centre study area

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