Howl Masquerade with Norman Foote

Howl Masquerade with Norman Foote


October 25, 2022


7:00 PM


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Juno winner Norman Foote brings out the fun and musical side of the Halloween tradition. The Howl Masquerade concert is where singers, costumes and Halloween all come together in an awesome event for youth and families.

Norman leads the entire theatre with his engaging songs, stories and humour. Everyone gets into the spirit of this colourful, creative and neighbourly spectacle. Featured with Norman is an animated wall of costumed howlers.

So put together your costume or mask and we’ll see you there....Theme song verse.
“The Howl Masquerade”
There are angels with wings and ferries in flight.
Ghouls and goblins, oh what a sight !
Don’t scurry, don’t worry and don’t be afraid
its halloween night, its a masquerade


Tickets will go on sale Monday, July 25 at 9 a.m.

Tickets: $15 All Ages - Not eligible for discount, does not count toward
discount package total

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