Spruce Grove Fire Services earns top marks in national accreditation review

January 3, 2023

Spruce Grove Fire Services earned a score of 99.3 per cent and the title of “Accredited with Exemplary Standing”, following a comprehensive review by Accreditation Canada, an independent health care accreditation organization.

The four-day review took place in November 2022 and involved observing staff on the job, interviews with staff, patients and families, and a review of documentation and files. The evaluation was based on several criteria including emergency preparedness, client-centred services, decision making, communication, safety culture and work environment.    

“We’ve always known that Spruce Grove Fire Services operates one of the finest municipal fire departments in Canada, but it’s great to have an independent, third-party organization come in and confirm it,” said Mayor Jeff Acker. “As clearly demonstrated in this report, the members of Spruce Grove Fire Services are at the top of their game and leading the way when it comes to patient care, safety, and a positive workplace environment. To say Council and Administration are proud of them and what they do every day, is certainly an understatement.”

The accreditation decision is based on compliance with standards which are scored as ‘met’ or ‘unmet’. Of a possible 296 standards, Spruce Grove Fire Services met 276, while 18 were deemed not applicable to the department. The total percentage of standards met was determined to be 99.3 per cent, resulting in an accreditation decision of “Accredited with Exemplary Standing”. As quoted in the final report, “the organization has attained the highest level of performance, achieving excellence in meeting the requirements of the accreditation program.”

“This really is a feather in the cap of all the firefighters, enforcement officers, and administrative staff who made it possible. Protective Services members put in long hours, often in gruelling conditions, to provide the level of service and care our residents have come to expect of us,” said Fire Chief Robert Kosterman. “It’s great to receive this unbiased confirmation and recognition that we’re doing it right and having a positive impact on the residents and visitors of Spruce Grove.”

Among the attributes of Spruce Grove Fire Services as highlighted by the accreditation surveyors:

  • Integration of fire and emergency services where all firefighters are fully trained paramedics and deliver high quality EMS service to the community.
  • Internal firefighter and paramedic training programs.
  • Consolidated organizational structure with Spruce Grove Enforcement Services.
  • In-house, trained mechanics and equipment bays for vehicle repair.
  • Diverse and inclusive hiring practices.
  • Positive culture and general attitude of all staff.
  • Highly respected and trusted leadership team, both by staff and community partners.
  • Strong commitment to staff mental wellness and supports.
  • Ambulance pilot projects (with support from Alberta Health Services).

“We want to thank you for what you do, each and every person who contributes to making this department what it is,” said Mayor Acker. “Our residents should rest easy knowing that this dedicated team of professionals is standing by and ready to provide the care they need, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

Read the (executive summary) of Accreditation Canada’s review of Spruce Grove Fire Services.