Latest Housing and Service Needs Estimate report released

May 31, 2021

The latest Housing and Service Needs Estimate provides a snapshot in time of who is experiencing housing insecurity in the Tri-Municipal Region and the barriers to safe, affordable, stable housing that exist in our region.

Based on 359 surveys completed, it is estimated that 632 individuals, including children, experienced housing insecurity in October 2020 throughout Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, and Parkland County. During that time, 22 people were reported to be living unsheltered – either on the streets or in places not intended for human habitation.

Housing insecurity is when a person experiences difficulty paying rent, spends a major portion of the household income on housing, frequently moves, lives in overcrowded conditions, or doubles up with friends and relatives.

Survey respondents said the main reasons for housing insecurity are income, housing costs, and mental health.

This year’s estimate builds on the 2018 estimate data and deepens our understanding of the needs in our community. Conducting this research every two years is an important tool for measuring rural homelessness. The data also supports improving how we design our homelessness strategies, like Hope&Home, the Tri-Regional Poverty and Homeless Initiative.

The estimate is led by the Rural Development Network with 26 communities across the province taking part. The City of Spruce Grove and Stony Plain Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) worked in partnership with community partners and service providers to collect the data for this estimate.

The Regional Housing Program, also a regional partnership between The City of Spruce Grove and Stony Plain FCSS, launched in fall 2020. Community members who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness are encouraged to call either FCSS Stony Plain or FCSS Spruce Grove. 

Read the Community Summary below.