Guidelines for federal election signs in Spruce Grove

August 30, 2021

On September 20, 2021, Canadians will be voting for their Member of Parliament, and thus the country’s next prime minister. Candidates from our electoral district, Sturgeon River-Parkland, are able to advertise within Spruce Grove according to rules set by Elections Canada and the City’s municipal bylaws.

Candidate nominations will be finalized by September 1.

All federal candidates must complete this form to post signs within Spruce Grove. As there will be a municipal election occurring on October 18, 2021, and local candidates will begin erecting signs on September 20, the City requests all federal candidates remove their signage as soon as possible after the federal election. 

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All federal election signs must be removed by Saturday, September 25, 2021. As there will be a municipal election occurring on October 18, 2021, and local candidates will begin erecting signs on September 20, the City requests all federal candidates remove their signage as soon as possible after the federal election. 

An election sign is any sign connected with an election but not limited to signs describing or promoting the election process, a candidate or a party seeking election, a referendum or plebiscite.

Advertising on an existing static or video billboard is not considered an election sign as the billboard has a development permit. Other means of advertising such as newspaper ads, social media, t-shirts and other printed materials such as door hangers, brochures and pamphlets are not considered election signs.

Election signs in the road right-of-way are regulated by the City’s Traffic Bylaw.  Election signs on private property are regulated by the City’s Land Use Bylaw.

Yes, if the vehicle is parked or driven legally.

Option 1 (Side street parking, no permit) – Stop and park on a side street in a safe location where parking is allowed, and access the boulevards by foot using the pedestrian crossings. If this option is chosen please ensure that high visibility safety gear is worn. No permit would be required.

Option 2 (Infrastructure Construction Approval Permit (ICAP)) – Candidates can apply for a lane closure permit (ICAP) which would allow you the ability to stop on the road or boulevard to install the signs. This permit would allow for the setup of traffic control and to access the desired areas. A full traffic accommodation plan would be required. Candidates can review the application process here.

Yes, election signs can be placed on the ROW in front of church properties.

A road right-of-way (ROW) is the area between private property lines and the street that is often used for sidewalks, boulevards, ditches, bike trails and bus stops.  Election signs must be located at least 3 meters (9 feet) from the curb.

The City’s Interactive Map is a helpful tool when determining where the ROW is located. 

Yes they can with owner’s permission. 

Yes, the City does not regulate signage inside a building provided it is not visible from outside the building. These can be placed at any time.

Yes, you may place an election sign in a business window, with the owner’s permission.

You must contact the property owner for permission before you place a sign on a fence. Fence signs must be no larger than 3 m2 and may not be erected so that they extend higher than the fence.

Most fences within the City of Spruce Grove are privately owned.  If a fence is along a park/open space separating the park/open space from a laneway or road right of way, it would likely be owned by the City. If the fence is owned by the City signs are not allowed. 

Yes, if you have permission from the owner, the sign does not project above the fence panel, and it does not impede the line of sight for the intersection, street or alley (e.g., putting a sign on a chain link fence where the sign blocks the views of drivers).

Otherwise, signs greater than 1 m in height cannot be located within 30 m (98 ft.) of a signalized intersection, 15 m (49 ft.) of any other intersection.

In the event of a sign infraction, our first step is to have a discussion, either in person or over the telephone, to inform the person of the regulations and what needs to be done for compliance. Typically, once a candidate is notified of the issue and educated on the election sign requirements, they are quick to remedy the scenario. Our focus is to educate candidates about what is and what is not allowed so they can make the appropriate changes, and a fine would only be considered if changes are not made.

There will be no fine, however, any signs not picked up after the required date will be removed and discarded.

To assist candidates in understanding election sign requirements, the City has provided requirements, including size and important dates, within the Election Sign Acknowledgment Form.

Candidates who wish to post election signs within City of Spruce Grove limits must ensure they have read and signed this document. Completed Election Sign Acknowledgment Forms must either be mailed to Planning and Development, 315 Jespersen Avenue, Spruce Grove, AB, T7Z 3E8, dropped off at the City Hall drop box located at the east doors of 315 Jespersen Avenue, or emailed to .

Candidates or residents who have questions about election campaign signage can contact the Senior Development Officer  at 780-962-7582 or send your request to