Glass containers now accepted at Eco Centre

November 28, 2018

Starting Wednesday, Nov. 28, glass jars and bottles will be accepted at the City’s Eco Centre.

To be accepted, glass containers must be clean and free from dirt or residue. Labels on jars or bottles are acceptable and any lids can go in the metal bin also located at the Eco Centre. Broken glass containers will not be accepted and must be placed in a black waste cart for disposal.

Earlier this year, and due to global recycling changes, residents were asked to stop placing glass containers in their blue recycle bags.

“We heard from residents who were upset by this change, and we were frustrated by it too,” says Kevin Stener, the City’s Director of Public Works. “Since then we’ve been investigating options for reusing and recycling glass and can now accept clean glass containers at the Eco Centre during regular hours.”

Although glass is being accepted at the Eco Centre, it will continue to be an unacceptable item in blue recycle bags.

If you’re unsure how to properly dispose of a waste item, check out Trim Your Trash, the City’s free online waste sorting app.