Fireworks safety in Spruce Grove

June 21, 2022

Watching a fireworks show may be a blast, but using fireworks without obtaining the required permit can seriously ruin your good time.

Within Spruce Grove as outlined in the City’s Fire Services Bylaw, people cannot own, sell, purchase, or discharge fireworks without having a fireworks permit issued by Spruce Grove Fire Services. Municipal Fireworks permits are only issued when it is demonstrated that the permit applicant holds a valid Fireworks Operator Certificate.

“We know people like to celebrate various events with fireworks – especially during the warmer summer months,” said Fire Chief Robert Kosterman, “but the reality is urban fireworks can be extremely dangerous and put the community at risk, which is why a permit is required to ensure safe and responsible use.”

Improper use can result in significant property damage and even spark fires. There is also the risk of bodily injury to those who are discharging the fireworks, as well as anyone in the nearby area, including serious burns, eye injuries, and damage to hands and fingers.

The fines for possessing, selling, or discharging fireworks without a permit range from $100 to $500 under the City’s bylaw and up to $100,000 for a first offence and $500,000 for a second offence under the Alberta Safety Codes Act.

“Fireworks need to be handled with care and caution, which is why a permit is required,” said Chief Kosterman. “I’d encourage residents to consider finding other ways to celebrate special events this summer and leave the fireworks to the professionals.”