Council approves updated Smoking Bylaw

October 23, 2018

Spruce Grove City Council approved an updated Smoking Bylaw during the Oct. 9 council meeting.

Highlights of the updated bylaw are:

  • The distance of where smoking is not permitted has increased from five to 10 metres.
  • The bylaw now includes information on e-cigarette (electronic cigarette) devices and retailers.
  • Smoking is now specifically prohibited in, or within 10 metres of, any public place, dog off leash parks, picnic sites, playgrounds, spray parks, athletic fields/facilities, any transit property, and any public or work vehicle.
  • Exceptions to the bylaw include home based businesses and private clubs.
  • Bars, bingo halls, lounges and lobbies have been removed from the bylaw, as smoking in these spaces is no longer permitted provincially.
  • A permit is now required to have designated smoking areas at outdoor special events.