City welcomes Government of Alberta’s review on automated traffic enforcement

February 21, 2019

The City is welcoming a Government of Alberta review on automated traffic enforcement that was released this morning.

This review lists key findings and changes to automated traffic enforcement guidelines.

“We are glad to have this review from the Government of Alberta and their recommendations related to the use of automated traffic enforcement,” says David Wolanski, General Manager of Community and Protective Services.

“The City either meets all the elements in the review’s key findings and updated guidelines, or we are working towards them from previous recommendations,” adds Wolanski. “Our program has always been about improving community and traffic safety. We have no concerns with meeting the proposed implementation timelines outlined in the review and look forward to providing the data that has been requested by the Province.”

In March, City Administration will be bringing a report on automated traffic enforcement, including recommended and required changes, to Spruce Grove City Council for consideration and feedback.

Later that month, Council will make a decision on the future of automated traffic enforcement within Spruce Grove.