City launches dedicated Protective Services social media feed

October 24, 2022

Spruce Grove residents have a new way of interacting and connecting with our city’s emergency responders. A dedicated Protective Services Facebook page is now online, focused solely on Spruce Grove Fire Services and Enforcement Services.

The page will be used to promote prevention and safety education, share upcoming events, boost recruitment efforts, and introduce Spruce Grove residents to the people who work hard to keep our city safe.

“This is a valuable tool for us to keep in touch with the public about developing situations that might have an impact on their daily routine,” said Fire Chief Robert Kosterman. “We all know fires and emergency situations don’t just happen during business hours, so this page will give us a way to let people know as quickly  as possible, if they should plan a different route home from work or avoid a specific area”.

The Facebook feed will also give residents an inside look at the Protective Services departments and how they operate.

“We’ve been working on getting this page off the ground for some time, and we’ve got some exciting things planned for it,” said Kosterman. “Our staff work hard, but we also have a lot of fun. We hope this Facebook page will help our residents get to know us a little better and show a bit of the lighter side of what goes on in Protective Services.”

Visit the new Spruce Grove Protective Services Facebook page.