City issues RFP for Construction Manager to assist with preliminary design of proposed Civic Centre

January 18, 2022

The City of Spruce Grove is looking to engage a highly qualified Construction Manager to work with the existing design and administrative team to help complete the preliminary design of the proposed Civic Centre and bring innovative and creative cost-saving measures to the project.

The preliminary design work will help identify the project’s final size, cost estimates, and amenities (including a spectator arena, a community arena, an art gallery, a black box theatre, and a branch of the Spruce Grove Public Library). This will provide Council with a detailed concept for the project that will inform the decision on moving forward. The concept will also identify areas where there are opportunities for flexibility, allowing for potential changes at various stages of the project.

City Administration will be presenting the updated preliminary plan to City Council in spring 2022.

Interested proponents can search for this RFP on Alberta Purchasing Connection.