City implementing signal change at intersection to support traffic safety

September 6, 2022

To support traffic safety, a signal change is being implemented at the intersection of Highway 16A and Jennifer Heil Way effective September 12.

Currently, for drivers making a left-hand turn at the intersection, there is an advance arrow that then changes to a green light allowing drivers to turn left when safe to do so.

With the upcoming change, the advance arrow for drivers making a left-hand turn will remain, but the light will then turn red. This means starting September 12, drivers will only be able to turn left at this intersection during the advance arrow.

This signal change has been recommended by Spruce Grove Enforcement Services, the City’s Community Road Safety Advisory Committee, and a review by a third-party, and will help improve traffic safety at this intersection.

Signs indicating the signal change will also be installed to inform drivers as they approach the intersection.