City and Nelson family working together on solution to service heritage home

November 2, 2018

Work is underway on a solution to provide servicing to the McLaughlin/Nelson Homestead in Spruce Grove.

The City has been working with the current owners, Wilson and Danielle Nelson, on a solution to assist the Nelsons in accessing services for their heritage home, which is registered with the provincial government as a historic place. The homestead is located east of Nelson Drive in Spruce Grove.

“I’m very pleased that we have been able to collaboratively come together to address this situation,” said Spruce Grove Mayor Stuart Houston. “The McLaughlin/Nelson Homestead is an important piece of our city’s history and we’re looking forward to taking the next steps in this process.”

While details are still being finalized, the solution is expected to take the form of a heritage grant program, which is planned to come before Spruce Grove City Council in November.

The Nelsons have been working on restoring the home on the property, which was built in 1912.

“We are welcoming the City of Spruce Grove’s support in rectifying the subdivision that was created for our heritage home by providing a utility corridor to access municipal services,” said Danielle Nelson.

“It’s definitely been a long journey of restoration work along with public awareness of heritage preservation in Spruce Grove. A heritage grant program is very forward thinking and we are happy they are walking in the path we ‘pioneered’. This grant program further compliments the heritage bylaw we helped create in 2013 and hope it encourages more heritage preservation in our community.

“We are pleased with the cooperation and support the City has shown towards their first municipally designated heritage site. Wilson and I look forward to moving into our home and are open to future public viewing opportunities…with flush toilets!”