City adds tool to combat disturbing noise from motor vehicles

May 10, 2022

Summer means spending more time enjoying activities outside, but nothing can ruin a fun family barbeque more than the sound of loud motor vehicles roaring up and down the street.

On Monday, May 9, City Council passed an amendment to the traffic bylaw that establishes decibels levels for motor vehicles, allows for the usage of a sound level meter, and sets penalties for exceeding set levels.

“All of us on City Council have heard from residents about the how disruptive the sounds of loud mufflers, revving engines, and squealing tires are. Excessively loud vehicles impacts our quality of life,” explains Mayor Jeff Acker. “Council brought this feedback to Administration, and Administration came back with options based on what Council heard from the community.”

Excessive vehicle noise has always been illegal. This amendment to the bylaw adds more tools to the City’s tool box for enforcement. Community Peace Officers can now enforce disturbing noise from vehicles through the following methods:

  • Officer witnesses offence in person
  • Officers may stop and test vehicles based on complaints received
  • Officers may conduct vehicle safety checks and test vehicles

“We will be actively enforcing disturbing noise from vehicles this summer,” says Chief Robert Kosterman, Protective Services. “We also ask for the community to help. If you are experiencing disruptive, loud noise from vehicles, call in and report it to 780-962-7586. It is important that we get as much information as possible about the vehicle such as make, model, colour and the licence plate as well as the location. We may not be able to respond immediately, but we actively track complaints and this information can be used to find not only the individuals causing the disturbances but also identify areas of concern and do targeted enforcement.”

“Council and I are so happy that we are taking these steps to quiet down our roads and improve the quality of life for our community,” says Mayor Acker.

Disturbing noise from a motor vehicles includes such things as:

  • Revving of engines
  • Squealing of tires
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Loud roaring or explosive sounds
  • Sounds from a radio, stereo, television or other device within the vehicle
  • Sounds that exceed 92 decibels as measured by a sound level meter at idle
  • Sounds that exceed 96 decibels as measured by a sound level meter at any RPM greater than idle

The penalty for each offence is $250.00. Full details of the amendment can be found online.