Celebrating Tri-Municipal Region Volunteers with National Volunteer Week

March 22, 2023

Join the City of Spruce Grove, Town of Stony Plain, and Parkland County this National Volunteer Week for a celebration of community stewardship. The nationwide campaign will take place from April 16 to April 22.

This year’s National Volunteer Week theme is ‘Volunteering Weaves Us Together’. Like each individual thread makes weaving stronger, every volunteer’s experience, perspective, and abilities add to our collective resilience. Woven together from coast to coast, volunteering reinforces our ability to grow, thrive, and create change within our community, province, and country. The local campaign will celebrate the contributions of our region’s volunteers and share information on how we can all work toward a stronger, and more connected community.

“Volunteers are the fabric of our community. Their compassion and dedication inspire all of us to work together to build communities where everyone can thrive,” says Stony Plain Mayor William Choy. “Our thanks go out to the many wonderful volunteers for everything you have and continue to do for those around you.”

“Each and every resident has benefited from the work done by a volunteer, whether it’s a coach, mentor, fundraiser, advocate or simply someone who gives their time and effort to improve the quality of life of their neighbours,” says Spruce Grove Mayor Jeff Acker. “Volunteers truly are at the heart of our communities, and they collectively make the Tri-Region a more desirable place to live, start a business and raise a family”.

“Volunteers, in a rural area, bring neighbours together and create communities,” says Parkland County Mayor Allan Gamble. “There are 26 Community Leagues in Parkland County, each overseen by dedicated volunteers striving to provide connection and support for others. In addition, we have various volunteer groups cultivating connections in a variety of ways across the county. Volunteers are the heartbeat of our community and we’re thankful for those who step forward to contribute countless hours in service to others.

Volunteers in the Tri-Region are invited to a night of appreciation at Heritage Park in Stony Plain on April 18, 2023 from 4 to 6 p.m. The evening will be a relaxed gathering for volunteers to drop-in, mingle, and enjoy snacks and live music.

Find more information about National Volunteer Week and Volunteer Appreciation Night on the City’s website.