Parking Monitoring Pilot Project

Starting in August 2021, the City of Spruce Grove will be conducting a parking monitoring technology pilot project.

This pilot project will occur in parking spaces located along both sides of First Avenue between Calahoo Road and Queen Street. This section of road/parking was selected because the City already has information about some traffic patterns in the area.

The parking monitoring technology will use sensors, which will be installed in 20 parking spaces, to record the presence/duration of a vehicle in parking space. No personal information is captured about the vehicle (ex: make, model or licence plate number) and no photos or video are captured.

Frequently asked questions

The City is conducting this pilot to help determine if the City would be able to use this technology for future planning.

The sensors only record the presence of a vehicle in a parking space, along with how long the vehicle is in that space. It does not capture or record any personal information.

The sensors are installed in the centre of each of the 20 parking spaces.

The data that is collected will be for information only, and to determine if it would be useful for future City projects. It will not be used for any type of enforcement or compliance.

The monitoring will begin once installation is complete, providing 24x7 real time data.

Yes. Other cities currently using it include the City of Calgary and the City of Stratford, Ontario.