Cannabis Retail Sales


Recreational use of cannabis is anticipated to be legalized in the summer of 2018. Cannabis refers to products made from leaves and flowers of the plant. At the time of legalization, only dried cannabis and cannabis oil will be legal for purchase; other consumption methods, such as topical applications and edibles, will remain prohibited for recreational purchase and use.

Retail sales

In Alberta, private retail stores will be permitted by the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission (AGLC) to sell recreational cannabis. The AGLC will begin processing applications for retail sales on March 6, 2018. While a proposed location is required for the licence application, the City of Spruce Grove will not be able to confirm locations until such time that a Land Use Bylaw amendment is adopted by city council.

For information regarding minimum age for consumption, regulations regarding growing plants and other information relating to personal use of cannabis, please refer to the Alberta Cannabis Framework website  .

Public engagement

In March 2018, the City did a survey to help understand public opinion around retail cannabis sales in Spruce Grove.



Committee of the Whole meeting- March 19, 2018

Follow-up Briefing Note - April 5, 2018  


The City has been given broad authority to determine the placement of cannabis retail locations, including: which zoning districts to allow cannabis retail; minimum setbacks to sensitive uses (like schools, parks, daycares, etc.); minimum distance between cannabis retail stores; and hours of operation.

You can participate by:

Attending the upcoming public hearing, which is anticipated to be held in May 2018. To be notified when the specific date of the public hearing has been confirmed, please send an email request to

The City is formulating the location criteria for retail cannabis stores and will be able to answer this question at a later date.

Generally, no. The only items that can be sold with cannabis are associated paraphernalia (i.e., pipes). Cannabis would have to be the primary product and associated accessories would need to be secondary. Businesses cannot sell any other items in a cannabis retail store, include food products.

The City will be making this decision after considering the results of the public engagement survey.

The minimum age is set by the province to be 18 years old in order to align with the purchase of alcohol and tobacco.

The Alberta Cannabis Framework provides information on where cannabis can be consumed in public. Cannabis consumption is expressly prohibited in motor vehicles, on hospital, school and child care facility properties, as well as within a prescribed distance from recreation areas frequented by children. For more detail, please refer to the Alberta Cannabis Framework.

Yes, the City approved a new land use category in 2017 to allow for cannabis production for medical purposes, called a medical marihuana production facility. Along with amending the Land Use Bylaw to regulate cannabis retail uses, the City will also be updating the cannabis production facility regulations to incorporated licensed recreational production facilities.