Inside Council Chambers: May 13, 2019

Regular City Council Meeting

Meeting Summary

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Councillor Statements and Updates
2019 First Quarter Financial Statements 

Council approved the 2019 first quarter financial statements.

Bylaw C-1076-19 – 2019 Property Tax and Supplementary Property Tax Bylaw – Third Reading

Council gave third reading to Bylaw C-1076-19, authorizing the 2019 rates of taxation.

City of Spruce Grove Library Board - 2020-2024 Audit Firm Approval 

Council approved Library Board to engage the services of Metrix Group LLP for the purposes of performing the financial audit of the library's operations.

Various Board and Committee Meeting minutes

Council received the following board and committee meeting minutes as information:

Business Arising from Closed Session

Council approved the City to enter into negotiations to purchase 8.3 acres of serviced land within the Westwind development for the planned regional park and ride facility and future development needs in the area.