Inside Council Chambers: Mar. 9, 2020

Regular Council Meeting

Meeting summary

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Non-Statutory Public Hearing - Bylaw C-1107-20 Municipal Utility Services Bylaw Amendment, Second Reading
A non-statutory public hearing was held for an amendment to Bylaw C-1107-20 to allow a new Stormwater Utility fee which would be used exclusively for stormwater management. Later in the meeting, Council gave second reading to the bylaw, and it will return for third reading during a future City Council Meeting.

NAIT Permaculture CORE Program
NAIT representatives Kenton Zerbin and Kurtis Ewanchuk presented Council with an overview of the CORE Program which focuses on sustainable agriculture and ecosystems, being offered in the fall.

Bylaw C-1108-20 – 2020 Fees and Charges Bylaw Amendment – Second Reading
Council gave second reading to Bylaw C-1108-20, which will set stormwater utility fees for 2020. The bylaw will return for third reading during a future City Council meeting.

Bylaw C-1111-20 - Land Borrowing Bylaw Amendment - Second and Third Reading
Council gave second and third reading to Bylaw C-1111-20, approving the bylaw to update the repayment terms of the debenture financing used to acquire lands for the Gateway Centre Development Project in the City (also known as the Westwind Lands) in 2010.

Bylaw C-1106-20 - Committee Code of Conduct Bylaw - First Reading
Council gave first reading to Bylaw C-1106-20, which will create a code of conduct for Council established committees. The bylaw will return for second reading during a future City Council meeting.

Regional Transit Services Commission (RTSC)
Council supports the formation of the RTSC, which will allow Spruce Grove and its regional partners to submit a joint request to the Government of Alberta to form a Regional Services Transit Commission.

Specialized Transit Services Dissolution
Council approved the dissolution of the Specialized Transit Service, which was no longer required due to the merger with the Town of Stony Plain Accessible Transit Service, and thanked the members for their decades of outstanding service to the community.

City Centre Business Association - Public Markets
Council approved $10,000 in funding to support City Centre public market events. The funds will be allocated from 2020 Council Contingency.

2019 - 2020 Council Board and Committee Appointments, Revised
Council approved the revised Internal Board and Committee appointments to allow the appointment of Councillor Gruhlke to the Community Road Safety Advisory Committee and Councillor Stevenson to be included as the proposed alternate member.

Various Board and Committee Meeting Minutes
Council received the following board and committee meeting minutes as information: