Inside Council Chambers: Feb. 10, 2020

Regular Council Meeting

Meeting Summary

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Bylaw C-1074-19 – City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan – Public Hearing, Second Reading

A public hearing was held for Bylaw C-1074-19, a statutory plan for the effective and managed redevelopment of Spruce Grove’s city centre, Council gave second reading to the bylaw, and it will return for third reading during a future City Council meeting.

Bylaw C-1099-19 Road Closure – Portion of Oswald Drive – Public Hearing, Second and Third Reading

A public hearing was held for Bylaw C-1099-19, a road closure bylaw that proposes 0.5 hectares of surplus Oswald Drive right-of-way be closed and sold to an adjacent land owner for consolidation into a future industrial development. Later in the meeting, Council gave second and third reading to the bylaw, approving the redistricting of this land.

Bylaw C-1103-19 Conversion Therapy Prohibition Bylaw – Second Reading

Administration presented a Conversion Therapy Prohibition Bylaw (Bylaw C-1103-19) to Council for second reading. City Council deferred the bylaw back to Administration to incorporate Council feedback from the meeting. It is anticipated that a revised Bylaw will return to Council in March.

CP-1017-19 - Conversion Therapy Prohibition Policy

Administration presented Corporate Policy CP-1017-19, which prohibits the provision or use of municipal resources for practice or promotion of conversion therapy. City Council deferred the policy back to Administration for further review and revisions. It is anticipated that the policy will return to Council at a later date.

Deputy Mayor Appointments, Revised

Council approved the revised 2017-2021 Deputy Mayor Schedule to address scheduling conflicts.

2019-2020 External Board and Committee Appointments, Revised

Council approved the revision to the 2019-2020 External Board and Committee Appointments to reflect the updated board name of the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce, due to the recent unification of the Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Wabamun Chambers of Commerce.

Various Board and Committee Meeting Minutes

Council received the following board and committee meeting minutes as information: