City Council Meeting - Jan. 28, 2019

January 28, 2019 Regular Council Meeting (21 MB)   

January 14, 2019 Regular Council Meeting Minutes and January 21, 2019 Committee of the Whole Meeting Minutes

Council approved the January 14, 2019 Regular Council meeting minutes and January 21, 2019 Committee of the Whole meeting minutes.

Bylaw C-1060-18 Land Use Bylaw Text Amendment – Public Hearing and Second Reading

A public hearing was held for Bylaw C-1060-18. The bylaw proposes to reduce the minimum lot width for single detached dwellings with lane access only from 9.0 m to 8.5 m. Later in the meeting, Council made a motion to give second reading to the bylaw, which was then withdrawn.

Bylaw C-1057-18 – 2018 Land Use Bylaw Review Amendments – First Reading

Council gave first reading to Bylaw C-1057-18, which is the annual update of Land Use Bylaw C-824-12.

Bylaw C-1062-18 – Pioneer Lands ASP Amendment – Greenbury Residential and Transit Station – First Reading

Council gave first reading to Bylaw C-1062-18, an amendment to the Pioneer Lands Area Structure Plan – Greenbury Residential and Transit Station.

Sale of Land – Portion of Lot 1R, Plan 782 3421

Council approved an agreement to sell 0.033 hectares of land to W.J. Properties Inc. to rectify a residential encroachment onto City reserve property. The land is located in Heritage Grove Park, east of St. Joseph Catholic School on Weston Drive.

Public Question and Answer Period

A member of the public asked Council about the next steps in relation to the proposed multi-use sport and event centre. Administration indicated that the City is currently reviewing options for public consultation.

Council Updates

Deputy Mayor Turton announced that because he is an electoral candidate in the upcoming provincial election, he intends to request an unpaid leave of absence in his role as councillor once the election date is announced. Council accepted Deputy Mayor Turton’s update as information.

Various Board and Committee Meeting minutes

Council received the following board and committee meeting minutes as information:

Business Arising from Closed Session
  • Council approved amending the 2019 Council Remuneration Task Force terms of reference to include 3–6 public members. The members appointed to the task force are Lorne Corbett, Bill Kesanko, Jan Vanderbij, Roger Ward, Jennifer O’Brien and Emmanuel Zervakis.