City Council Meeting - Dec.10, 2018

Nov. 26, 2018, Regular Council Meeting Minutes

Council approved the Nov. 26, 2018, Regular Council meeting minutes  .

Certificate of Recognition — Yellowhead Regional Library

Council presented Kevin Dodds with a Certificate of Recognition for his years of service to the Yellowhead Regional Library and contribution to the community.

Council Updates
  • Councillor Turton reported that the City was recognized during the Rotary Club Sponsor Dinner as a 2018 Bronze Partner for the City’s ongoing relationship with the Spruce Grove Rotary Club.
  • Councillor Turton provided an update on a recent Economic Development Advisory Committee meeting where the progress of the broadband initiative and the activities of the City Centre Business Association was discussed.
Bylaw C-1058-18 – Operating Line of Credit Borrowing Bylaw — Third Reading

Council gave third reading to Bylaw C-1058-18  , which authorizes the City to occasionally borrow up to $5 million on a temporary basis. The borrowing bylaw may be in effect until Dec. 31, 2021.

Bylaw C-1059-18 – Land Use Bylaw Amendment - Heritage Grove Park South Redistricting — First Reading

Council gave first reading to Bylaw C-1059-18  , which proposes an amendment to the land use bylaw. If approved, the amendment would redistrict 0.033 hectares of land within Heritage Grove Park from Parks and Recreation District (P1) to Manufactured Home Court District (RMHC).

Bylaw C-1060-18 – Land Use Bylaw Text Amendment — First Reading

Council gave first reading to Bylaw C-1060-18  , a land use bylaw text amendment that proposes to reduce the minimum lot width for single detached dwellings with lane access from nine metres to 8.5 metres.

Policy CP-1012-18 – Cemetery Operation and Maintenance Policy

Council approved Policy CP-1012-18  , which sets operational guidelines and outlines roles and responsibilities for the operation of Pioneer Cemetery in Spruce Grove. The policy will help ensure the cemetery is operated in compliance with provincial regulations.

Various Board and Committee Meeting Minutes

Council received the following board and committee meeting minutes as information:

Business Arising from Closed Session
  • Council passed a motion to re-appoint Miranda Davis, Nancy Domijan, John Haunholter, Christopher McDonald, Stephen Nielsen and Terry Wendel to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, for a term ending Dec. 31, 2021.
  • Council passed a motion to appoint Anthony Zeglen to the Spruce Grove Public Library Board, for a term beginning Jan. 1, 2019, and ending Dec. 31, 2021.