Alcohol Consumption in Jubilee Park

Jubilee Park is a well-loved community amenity and Spruce Grove’s largest open green space. To provide residents the opportunity for outdoor socialization, the City has updated the Open Space Area Bylaw to allow for the consumption of alcohol in a designated area of the park starting July 3, 2024.

Alcohol may be consumed by adults of legal drinking age between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. in the designated picnic area (Alcohol Allowed Zone) adjacent to the north parking lot, and marked in orange on the map. The Alcohol Allowed Zone will be identified by perimeter signage as well as signs affixed to picnic tables*. It does not include the picnic shelter structure to the south of the designated area.
*Note: perimeter and picnic table signage is expected to be installed by mid-July.

If you choose to consume alcohol at Jubilee Park, please respect the peaceful enjoyment of others around you, ensure you leave the area in the same condition you found it, take your empty containers and garbage with you, and enjoy responsibly.

Frequently asked questions

Responsible alcohol consumption by adults of legal drinking age is allowed in the designated picnic area (Alcohol Allowed Zone) at the north end of the park, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

No, alcohol consumption is restricted to the Alcohol Allowed Zone at the north end of the park (marked in orange on the map). This area will be identified by perimeter signage and signs affixed to picnic tables (signage to be installed mid-July 2024).

Alcohol consumption is not allowed in the designated area when there is a public special event (ex: Canada Day celebration) happening at the park. During these events, signs will be posted advising park users that alcohol consumption is temporarily not allowed.

For violations of Spruce Grove bylaws, call Enforcement Services at 780-962-7586. For criminal matters, call the Parkland RCMP non-emergency line at 825-220-7267. For emergencies, call 911.

Spruce Grove Enforcement Services conducts routine patrols of Jubilee Park, enforcing bylaws, increasing awareness and promoting acceptable behaviour.