PathwaysHOME: Spruce Grove's 5 year Strategy to Reduce Poverty and Homelessness

The number of residents experiencing homelessness and poverty is increasing in Spruce Grove and the Tri-Municipal Region. PathwaysHOME provides a plan to reverse and reduce this trend. While poverty and homelessness are complex issues, we can all play a role in achieving positive change.

This strategy was created through engagement and consultation of members of the community and the social serving sector in early 2019.

Implementation of the 5 year strategy will being in fall 2019 and focus on 5 key theme areas.


PathwaysHOME seeks to build on already existing community strengths through regional collaboration and collective action over the next 5 years. Coordinating resources, formalizing partnerships, and developing shared vision and goals are key first steps.

Action Plan:   

Fall 2019 - Development of a regional Champions Table

  • Initial meetings will focus on establishing foundational components of collaboration. The Champions Table will be a small core group of stakeholders that will support:
    • strategic planning
    • resource allocation
    • future funding
    • data collection
    • evaluation

Spring 2020 - Develop themed working groups

  • Working groups will involve a diverse range of stakeholders and focus on key themes identified in PathwaysHOME and by the Champions Table.

As set out by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, PathwaysHOME recognizes that Indigenous Peoples’ experiences of homelessness and poverty are the result of ongoing forms of colonialism. For systems to improve, finding and incorporating culturally appropriate solutions is essential.

Implementation will involve:

  • Engagement of local Indigenous communities and organizations
Housing and Supports

Housing First is a leading practice to address homelessness by moving people into permanent housing as quickly as possible and then providing supports once housed.

Implementation will involve:

  • Coordination of services
  • Increase access to housing options
  • Dedicated resources
Community Inclusion and Capacity

Spruce Grove is changing. Rapid and continued population growth means there is more diversity.

Key areas of focus within this theme include:

  • Community Awareness and education of poverty and homelessness
  • Building capacity for lived/living experience to influence decisions within PathwaysHOME
  • Youth involvement
Healthy Living

Capacity to maintain a healthy lifestyle depends on access to:

  • health care
  • healthy food
  • education
  • employment opportunities
  • income stability
  • transportation
  • housing
  • recreation

Focus on healthy lifestyle can lower individual risk factors of poverty and homelessness and improve circumstances when they are experienced. Areas of focus within this theme will be identified with community partners.

Plan Development 

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  • Project initiation meeting
  • Communications and engagement plan development
  • Document review

  • Workshop 1: Initiation meeting with Core Collaborators
  • One-on-one interviews with key stakeholders including individuals with lived experience
  • Workshop 2: Homeless Serving Systems Workshop with Broader Stakeholder Groups

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  • Best practices research
  • Public participation survey
  • Workshop 3: Strategy Development with Core Collaborators
  • Sustainability planning

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  • Workshop 4: Refining the Strategy with Core Collaborators
  • Finalize the strategy
  • Final presentation to council and community was held on Tuesday, February 19th, 2019


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