Public Hearing - Proposed Amendment to Land Use Bylaw (Special Care Facility)

Proposed Bylaw C-1089-19

  • Council Chambers, Third Floor, Spruce Grove City Hall
  • 315 Jespersen Ave.
  • Spruce Grove, Alberta
    • Tuesday, October 15, 2019
    • 6:00 PM

It is the intention of Council to consider Bylaw C-1089-19, a bylaw to amend the City of Spruce Grove Land Use Bylaw C-824-12. This bylaw will add text in Section 116 - R2 – Mixed Medium to High Density Residential District that will increase the maximum height for a Special Care Facility to four (4) storeys or 14.0 metres. This change would apply only to the property located at 92 Longview Drive (Lot 98, Block 13, Plan 132 4328) as shown on the following map.

Participation procedures

If you or someone you represent is affected by the proposed bylaws, you may address City Council at the public hearing.

Written submissions can be sent by email, or mailed to:

City Clerk
City Hall
315 Jespersen Avenue
Spruce Grove AB  T7X 3E8

Written submissions will be accepted until noon on Wednesday, October 9, 2019. These must be signed, dated, and contain your civic address. Written submissions received by this date/time will be included as part of the council meeting agenda package and will be reviewed before oral representations are heard.

Copies of the proposed bylaw amendment(s) are available upon request from the Planning and Development Department by calling or emailing the case planner as noted below.

Please email or call David Towle, Senior Planner, at (780) 962-7601.