Resident Business Licence Renewal

Spruce Grove resident businesses have until January 15, 2018 to renew their business licences for free. "Resident businesses" are those with a physical location within Spruce Grove (home based, commercial, industrial or institutional). 

Resident businesses no longer operating in Spruce Grove must notify business licensing at 780-962-7582.

Renew online

As a Spruce Grove resident business licence holder, you can click here to renew your licence online    for free until January 15, 2018 using the six-digit web access code provided in the renewal notice mailed November 15, 2017.

To renew at no charge, businesses must:

If any of the above are not true, you will have to apply for a new business licence and pay the accompanying fee.

Unable to renew online?

If you are not able to renew online, complete a renewal form   and submit it one of the following ways:

In person By mail By email or fax
Planning and Development 
414 King Street  
Spruce Grove, Alberta

City of Spruce Grove
315 Jespersen Avenue
Spruce Grove, Alberta 
T7X 3E8


Fax: 780-962-1062

Please note that non-resident businesses (located outside of Spruce Grove) cannot renew their licence online. All non-resident business licences expire December 31 of each calendar year. Non-resident businesses must apply for a new business licence each year to continue to conduct business in Spruce Grove.


Call 780-962-7582 or send an email   if you have any questions.