Snow Removal in Spruce Grove

The City of Spruce Grove has a comprehensive snow removal program that removes snow from streets on a priority basis PDF that follows this order:
  1. Highway 16A
  2. Arterial roads - ex: Grove Drive, Century Road, Calahoo Road, Jennifer Heil Way
  3. Emergency access ways - south end of King Street
  4. Snow routes and collector roads - main, high traffic roads within subdivisions and McLeod Avenue and Diamond Avenue
  5. Downtown/commercial/industrial - ex: Church Road, First Avenue, South Avenue
  6. City-owned parking lots - RCMP, Emergency Services, City Hall, Agrena, Elks Hall
  7. Residential streets - Streets within subdivisions, other than designated snow routes
  8. Alleys
Essentially, the roads that are the most travelled are the ones that are cleared first. At any time, snow removal in one area may be temporarily suspended so crews can revisit higher priority roads that have received additional snowfall.
Additional information is available in the City's Snow and Ice Control Policy PDF.