Westgrove Dr/McLeod Ave Roundabout Project

What is a roundabout?

A roundabout is circular, single- or multi-lane intersection with no traffic lights that allow free flow traffic at a reduced speed, while still allowing for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

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Review some frequently asked questions about roundabouts.  

These animations demonstrate how roundabouts work to move traffic through an intersection:

Street view

Aerial view

Isn't that the same thing as a traffic circle?

No. Roundabouts are smaller and require vehicles to go slower than traffic circles. They also provide easy pedestrian crossing points with clear navigation for vehicles and other road users.

What are the benefits of using roundabouts?

There are several benefits of using a roundabout versus another traffic management option, such as traffic lights or a traffic circle, including:

  • Improved traffic flow (no starting/stopping at lights)
  • Traffic lights are not required, reducing the cost and ongoing maintenance of the intersection
  • Traffic moves through the intersection at reduced speeds
  • Vehicles do not have to stop at off-peak periods
  • Continue to function during power failures
  • Reduction in the number of head-on or right-angle collisions