Paying Your Bill

Preauthorized payments

Our convenient monthly automatic payment plan is an easy and effective way of ensuring your utility bill payment is never late. You will continue to receive a monthly bill which will include the statement “Do Not Pay - Automatic Withdrawal". 

Customers whose accounts are not in arrears can apply for this option by completing a utilities preauthorization form PDF, and attaching a void cheque or a direct debit form from your financial institution. Your total amount due will be withdrawn from your bank account on the 21st day of the month in which the bill is issued.

By mail

Mail your cheque or money order payable to The City of Spruce Grove to City Hall.

In person

Pay with your debit card or by cheque or money order payable to The City of Spruce Grove at City Hall. Your payment may also be deposited in the mail slot beside the main doors on the southeast side of City Hall (do not deposit cash). Credit cards are not accepted for utilities payments.

Always include the remittance stub with your payment and record your account number on your cheque or money order to ensure that it is credited to the correct account.

At your financial institution

Most financial institutions in Canada accept utility bill payments over the counter and through their bank machines. To avoid late payments and the associated fees allow at least three to five business days for your bank to process your payment before the penalty date.

You may also use your financial institution’s telephone or internet banking services. Be sure to enter your utility account number when using this method to ensure your payment is applied to the correct account. See our detailed guide to using this option.

Late payments

Utility account payments are due on receipt. A monthly compounding late payment fee of 2.5 per cent is added to any unpaid balance 21 days after mailing.

The Municipal Utility Services Bylaw allows for the disconnection of utility services if the account remains unpaid 35 days after mailing of the utility bill. All outstanding balances and a $75 disconnection fee must be paid before service is reinstated.

The final payment on a closed account is due upon receipt of your final bill. Final bills that remain unpaid after three months are turned over to a collection agency and listed with the Credit Bureau, which will affect your credit rating.