Property Tax

Calculating property taxes

Annually, City Council approves the City of Spruce Grove's operating and capital budgets which estimate the projected costs of providing services to the community.

Revenues required to meet those costs are received through grants, user fees and the municipal portion of property taxes.

The ‘mill rate’ – the amount of tax paid per dollar of assessed value of a property – is set so that the municipal portion of property taxes remains stable.  The municipal portion of your property taxes is calculated by dividing your total property assessment by 1,000 and multiplying the result by the applicable mill rate:

Taxes = (assessment / 1000) x mill rate

To estimate taxes for new housing developments:

Purchase price x mill rate / 1000 = estimate of tax levy

Other amounts on your property tax bill

The City of Spruce Grove also collects levies on behalf of the provincial government for education and on behalf of The Meridian Foundation, which provides local housing for seniors.

Education taxes

Provincial government legislation requires that education receive funding through property taxes and all property owners are required to contribute, whether or not they have children in school.

Your tax bill indicates whether the education portion of your taxes is directed to the public or separate school system. If your affiliation is incorrect, complete the Individual School Support Declaration PDF or the Corporate School Support Declaration PDF and submit it to us by December 31 in order for the change to take effect for the next tax year.

For more information about education taxes contact Alberta Education External